Hello! And welcome to Memory Lane Musings! I have had the priviledge of working with people with dementia and their loved ones for twenty years. Every individual and every family I have worked with have had their own struggles, but also their own joys.

Dementia still holds a great deal of stigma and fear, and a much of my work has been in helping families live well with dementia and to continue living a full life. I wanted an opportunity to share some of my experiences and challenges with the wider community, to try to raise awareness of life with the condition; to share some of the challenges faced by families I work with; to share the work that I am doing to try to change the experiences of people with dementia within the health service and to (hopefully!) hear from some of you about your experiences. Whether you work in health care, live with dementia or care for someone who does, work in the community and see how people with dementia struggle or just want to learn a bit more, you are very welcome! I hope to hear from you, and that my musings are of help to some of you.

Much love to you, and I’m glad you found me!

Anna x x