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What are we going to do about wards filled with people living with dementia? We’ve all know about the estimate that 25% of inpatients have a diagnosis of dementia. We know that inpatients with dementia (not primary cause) stay in hospital three times longer than others. We know that people living with dementia are often […]

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Spare a thought for us this Christmas

A great insight. Thank you, George x

george rook

I realise I haven’t been looking forward to Christmas this year.

I’ve been miserable.

Humbug, writ large.


Cards have been arriving in the post, people I work with giving them…

A little party at one trust, carols, thanks, all that…

I ducked the second, Christmassy, half of that one.

And now I know why.

It’s time to be happy, to meet people at parties, over dinner, in the street, and be happy.

And talkative.

To tell people what you’ve been up to, how the family are, ask about theirs…

And that means remembering…names, facts, events…which takes time.

Then the words to explain those events and feelings…

It takes effort.

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On Saturday night this crystallised.

I can’t keep up any more. Not at all. I can’t get into conversations.

By the time I’ve thought of a word or idea they’ve all cut in, and my…

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Journeys in Hopeful Positivity.

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New Years Eve.

It’s just a day, right? Another date in the calendar, just a little more significant than any other because it marks the final day of one year and the start of a new one.

It’s the time when we make promises that we won’t be so flawed, that we’ll do and be more or less of this and that. A day when we’re meant to be celebrating, celebrating our lives, the end of a great year, or just surviving it, ready to start a new year filled with excitement and motivation. The pressure to be “having fun” can be immense.

Yet, at the time of writing this, it’s 8.25pm and I’m tucked up in bed, eating chocolate.

I was really upset an hour ago. I had a sudden panic of, “Is this it?”, “Will nothing change?” in response to something that had happened and it felt like…

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