A gentle reminder about touch

A great article about the use of touch in dementia care. As with everything else, touch and receiving tactile stimuli is a personal experience. We all have our own preferences, and one size does not fit all. I am a hugger, and I use touch when meeting my patients, whether that be shaking hands or sitting holding their hand if that is what they prefer. I try to take the lead from them, and often a fellow “toucher” will reach for your hand or make the first “move”. I have had many people stroke my cheek, or ask for a “kiss goodbye”. It is good to be reminded that this is not for everyone:

This is the second of a series of five posts about the senses in Dementialand. Today we focus on touch. The issue of touch, or tactile stimulation, for those with dementia is complex. An entire book could be written on the topic, and I will be clear that this post is not a complete summary of […]

via Touch in Dementialand (aka The Huggers and the Non-Huggers) — Welcome to Dementialand


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