The impact of false hope

Care is key x x

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 12.05.36 PMFor my continuing series of World Alzheimer’s Month / Dementia Awareness Month 2016 #WAM2016 #DAM2016 blogs, the post today is about the impact of hearing and reading about possible cures, and failed research.

Members of Dementia Alliance International, and the much wider community of people with dementia and our families, are constantly being bombarded with this or that article or media release about an impending “cure or Alzheimer’s”.

Whilst it is good to read and hear about research, there is also a very negative impact of this constant stream of FALSE HOPE.

Considering many of us do not have dementia of the Alzheimer’s type, this is not only discouraging, but I wonder, will someone ever start to research our type of dementia more.

And we all know how much money has been spent on other terminal diseases and illness such as cancer, motor neurone disease and so on, and we also all…

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