My wish for dementia

Every day, either in a quote within a picture, or on an email footer or article about dementia, I see the wish for “A World without Alzheimer’s (or Dementia)”. For World Alzheimer’s Month 2016, please let’s all start being realistic.

Every time I see these quotes, I think to myself, “How ridiculous, especially when we are not even close to a cure”.

After all for all the additional money spent, how many cancers have yet been cured?”

I said on Facebook I would like for us to all start being real about what we wish for, as follows:

Better care
Less stigma
Less discrimination
Less fear
More kindness
Better access to our community
Disability support like everyone else gets
Support to live with dementia and not only die from it

Yes, this is my wish for people all with dementia. To keep even suggesting there will ever be a world without…

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