Ripples of excitement

Today I visited a group of carers who I may be volunteering with in a few weeks – what an amazing group! So many stories of courage and resilience, and so mutually supportive. I was touched by how welcoming they were, and that some told me their stories despite having only just met me.

This afternoon, I met with a friend whose parents are in a care home; her mother’s needs are being reassessed to decide whether she needs nursing care. My friend was clearly distressed by the whole situation, and again I was touched by her openness with me.

This has struck a chord, and I want to move forward and work more closely with carers, supporting them in supporting their loved ones. I’m putting it out there, and hoping that this will help things move in that direction; inspire me as to how I can make this calling a reality. I am excited to see what happens next!

I am away for a few days, so will be “off grid”, but look forward to catching up with you all soon.

Take care, lots of love,

Anna x x


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