Another project!!

Hello! I hope you are all well and that Monday has been kind 🙂

Today I met with one of the volunteer coordinators at a local organisation called 1Community (the link to their website is on my homepage). On reading their newsletter last week, I saw they were looking for someone to offer “emotional support” at their weekly carers’ group in the town. Now, I work full-time, have a family and household to organise, but this jumped out at me. It will be 2hours of my time on my day off.

The Carers’ Centre at 1Comunity is lucky to be in receipt of Lottery funding, but that it all! There are so many carers out there needing someone to just listen to them as individuals. As they “work” 24/7, how can I not give up two hours every couple of weeks? So tomorrow, I’m popping along to the group informally, to meet the lady who runs it and to find out what they would want from me.

I am not a counsellor, or a magician with a wand to make it all good (more’s the pity!), but I can listen.

Have a good evening, all x x


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