Dementia: Top Tips For Living Well

A fabulous resource for carers of those with dementia, lots of great tips x x

Dementia: Sharing The Good Times

“Our Top Tips” to Living Well with Dementia – Scottish Dementia Working Group @SDWG

During the summer of 2015 the Scottish Dementia Working Group (SDWG) and Lynsey Robertson-Flannigan the Alzheimer Scotland Occupational Therapy intern formed a ‘Top Tips’ subgroup. The aim of this group was to co-produce a peer to peer resource of tips and strategies for people living with dementia.

The SDWG members have over the years collected strategies and tips which they have found useful in helping them to live well and independently with dementia. Their desire was to share this knowledge, enabling others to maximise their quality of life by being ‘all they can be’ (Dementia Skilled Improving Practice 2016).

Image of the group hard at work sharing their ideas.

The outcome of the group was to develop a resource of all their ideas. After a few brain storming sessions, a booklet of “Top Tips” was developed and the tips were themed into these areas:


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