The best of me has not yet gone…

A poem I have seen many times, but am seeing it differently with this blog x x

I don’t especially like the following poem (whose author is unknown to me)…

Perhaps at the end stage of dementia when I am dying, I’ll change my mind.

In the meantime, the best of me has not yet gone but still to come

Even if I am changing!

My response to this poem is below.

AD poem for blog

Sometimes I can remember
Often, I can understand
Resting makes me worse
Of course kiss me if you are my friend, but I may not want to hold your hand
I am not confused beyond my concept, maybe only yours
No, not sad, sick or lost either (well, not all the time)
I can still be independent some of the time, if I am provided with disability support
Of course, I would appreciate you not losing your patience with me, now or even if I didn’t have dementia
If you scold or curse me, except a challenging…

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