My Passion for Research

Research is vital to understanding better how we can beat these diseases…

Which me am I today?

Looking back at my early blogs, I can now see how my passion for research was there from the start. I was involved in the launch of Join Dementia Research and they recently hit the 20,000 landmark of registered volunteers. However, we still need more people with dementia to sign up. I’ve just agreed to 2 new studies so now I’ve lost count of the number I’ve been involved with………so here’s my fourth reblog from my earlier ramblings…

Learning to Live Differently

Some people have said I’m ‘brave’ for speaking out so openly about having dementia. I don’t think it’s brave in the slightest. I’m not embarrassed by my diagnosis; I haven’t done anything wrong to get this cruel disease of the brain so why should I be embarrassed to talk about it? There’s such a stigma attached to having this disease. Yet why? It’s a progressive, debilitating terminal illness…

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