A productive morning

Hey, hope you’re all having a good Thursday so far?

I have had a good morning šŸ˜Š I attended a Carer’ Information Drop-In event hosted by the local County Council. I didn’t get to speak to many carers sadly, BUT I have made some great contacts in my bid to start up carer support sessions in the hospital.

One of the things that we value as professionals is the level of support and dedication from the unpaid carers and family members, whose loved ones we see in hospital for a short period, often when they are at their most unwell. It is at this time that the carers also need a greater level of support, time to discuss what is going on, what lead to the admission, often a new diagnosis in the case of dementia. I am hoping to host a weekly session where carers can meet with professionals and support staff, gain information about their loved one’s condition, find out about resources they can access once they are home to support them. I have more names and organisations who I can rope in, so in summary, I am a happy bunny šŸ˜ŠšŸ‘Æ x x


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