The Magic of Music

Happy weekend, all!

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to perform with my friends at a local steam & craft fair, dancing to swing and jive music – my best friend leads a troupe called the Strolling Sirens. An older couple got up and jived together – they had clearly been dancing together for years, as they could anticipate each others’ steps and were so in synch with each other. And they were wonderful to watch, I couldn’t stop smiling!

Music and dancing for individuals with dementia is such an amazing way of making a connection. I have cared for people who were unable to speak, however could sing along to a favourite song; people unable to care for themselves or mobilise tapping their toes or clapping in time to a showtune. It is a magical tool, unlocking memories of happy times for people, allowing loved ones to share special moments with their parent/spouse. Music brings happiness. It connects with a deep seated memory that dementia cannot take away. “Singing for the Brain” groups are a testament to this.

Have a peaceful evening x x


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